What a Beautiful Gift!

Seven years of waiting was finally over! God has finally answered our prayers!

And it was indeed a Happy Birthday then when I knew that I was 6 weeks pregnant! The best gift I have ever received in my 36 years of existence in this world! All i could imagine is the feeling that my baby is slowly growing inside my tummy.

I went through a delicate pregnancy and as such my doctor advised me for a 40-day bed rest. I must admit that fear almost conquered me, instead of me conquering my fear. The FEAR- of losing my baby. Thus, I prayed, I hoped and Trust that God will have me deliver my baby. Truly, God’s plan prevails!

Christmas was around the corner then. And again, it was indeed a Merry Merry Christmas when I first held my baby in my arms. I had been waiting for the day to be called “Mother” .                                                Beautiful Birthday & Christmas Gift

Truly, all things happen in God’s Perfect time!